Mmm...where to begin? My passion for double basses began a long time ago in Edinburgh in Scotland after hearing the sound of a deep walking bass-line emanating from the smoke-filled entrance to a local Jazz Bar...I fell immediately in love! Some years passed though before I was able to get closer to the real thing. As chance would have it, I'd also discovered my love for wood, which led to my uprooting from my hometown of Dundee to head for the Welsh School of Violin-Making and Repair in Abertridwr, South Wales. Although I thoroughly enjoyed learning to make violins, violas and cellos, my real desire was to make a double bass. Upon selling one of my violins for the price of a set of bass wood in my final year at the college, I was finally able to realise my dream and set about making my first bass. I've never looked back!

Following some years of self-employment in Edinburgh, I headed off to Reutlingen in Germany to work at the then renowned World of Basses where I remained for 20 years before becoming self-employed once more. Although I'm kept extremely busy with repair and restoration work, I'm still thankfully able to find time to continue with making new basses.


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